Film Prize

Recently we were selected to be a #LouisianaFilmPrize finalist for the third time! EEEK! This was our best showing yet, as “Nana Ki Dum” garnered two big prizes – top 5 finalist and Founders’ Circle Winner – which means we were a judges’ favorite! We are incredibly excited to take #NanaKiDum on the festival road, applying to such giants as the Tribeca Film Festival, SXSW, and Sundance. We were thrilled and gratified to find that our story of a new mother’s struggle to “train” both her baby and her traditional Indian father was met with accolades from judges and filmgoers alike. It only proves our purpose and assertion – that comedic storytelling with heart crosses boundaries of all kinds, and kids are the universal equalizer!

Here are some #BTS pics from #LouisianaFilmPrize2021! Make sure to follow @jayamcsharma on FB and Insta to keep up with our festival aspirations! This is our most personal short film to date, made even more hilarious by the fact that the dad in the film is played by Jaya’s actual father! (You know, the one that doesn’t *really* want her to make movies but begrudgingly participates anyway……emoji with tears of laughter so it doesn’t cry x 3 x 3 x 3)


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