Dr. Jaya's Favorite Things!

OH, so you wanna roll like a #MCVIP? You're lucky I'm an unstoppable sharing machine! If I love it, I share it! (See below).


Get 10% off your Early Bird order with coupon code F5DE4562I can’t wake up in the morning without caffeine! But age & reflux had me unable to drink the amount of coffee I wanted to drink lol Insert EARLY BIRD! Supercharged hydration with clean energy, and no jitters or reflux! It also has ashwagandha and nootropics to put a smile on my face as I tackle the day. LaShonda and I call this our “get sh*t done” in a cup!
DōterraOne of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE DO NOT PASS GO combinations from Doterra is "Liquid Chill" (referred to in the underworld as #LiquidXanax). It combines Serenity + Balance that you can diffuse, put in your bath, or just mix and rub a few drops on your neck, wrist, temple and take ten deep breaths. I keep a rollerball of it in my purse! I taught essential oils classes for two years, and Doterra has been my number one since day one! Check out this awesome video: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRKD6xda/
RakutenRAKUTEN GOT ME THROUGH CHRISTMAS. Cash back on every purchase? Yes please. 8% back for shopping at SHEIN? YES MA'AM! Use my link and get $30 for joining! It's free!
15% Off Ambitious Kids!Ambitious kids makes the cutest, softest, most hilarious tees and Ari is here for it (whether he knows it or not!)
Nap DressEveryone looks good in a nap dress! Pricey? Yes but pretty much my daily uniform and worth every penny! I wear 90 % nap dresses and nothing else.
Get $20 off your first order at Rothy's!
Save Money with Moxey!!Stuff I’ve gotten with #MoxeyBucks since joining (I got $2000 moxey cash just for signing up!) DELICIOUS pizza from @popnpizza  90-minute Facial from Lauren Rainey @ The Beauty Bar Hours of decluttering and home organization from @organizedchaos And for the grand finale….BLACKOUT BLINDS FOR OUR BEDROOM, finally!!!!!! With Lyle from Discount Blinds, LLC! — Seriously so stoked to be able to afford things we couldn’t have gotten for awhile, thanks to Moxey, AND we’re doing it supporting all local businesses! If you’re a small biz owner, you owe it to yourself to check out Moxey! Click on the photo for a video with more info!
$10 off first month's subscription with Nuuly!My favorite PRIDE outfit came from a rental company! Try before you buy!
Get cash back on gas with UpsideCheck out this free app that gets you cash back on gas and other errands! Click this link or use promo code JAYA8682 to get an extra 15¢/gal bonus the first time you make a purchase.
MODERE referral code: 4274473 gives you $10 off your order! GET THE LIQUID BIOCELL LADIES #usefulcollagen
Lily at Classy NailsThe fastest nails in the business! Text or call Lily! I love me some Classy Nails!
TouchnoteI use TouchNote for EVERYTHING! It’s so great! Announcements, thank-yous, random notes - and now I have a wall full of postcard memories 🙂 Everytime we have a night out (or in) with friends, I love to send a postcard the same night with a picture to commemorate the love and memories  (Bc I won’t remember #toomanypenguins) Try it! You’ll love it!!!! Click the link above for $6 off
Huckleberry Hiking"I want to do a special post for this family we met on the trail to Hidden Falls. Don’t want this to get lost in the middle of all my other photos. We were hiking when a Dad and his daughter passed by us and I was in awe of her accessible wheelchair - she was smiling and looked super comfortable. I immediately thought of my niece Kaylee that isn’t able to get to places like Hidden Falls due to her condition with Cerebral Palsy. I didn’t want to be rude and stare but I wanted to ask where he got it. Turns out He made it himself and is trying to get the word out about his invention. It has a small motor that can help give a boost uphill and has a break for downhill. Please forward to any of your family and friends that might benefit from this amazing invention."

Wellness Recommendations

A Good MultivitaminMODERE AXIS OPTI-PAK with pre- and pro-biotics in addition to multivitamin, omega complex, and antioxidants. Click here and use the code 4244473 for $10 off!
Regular BMsMODERE AXIS Trebiotic: REGULAR BMs make the world go round! GUT HEALTH IS BRAIN HEALTH IS ULTIMATE WEALTH! Use referral code 4244473 for $10 off!
A Good FloatA good float can ease stress and chronic pain. Regular floaters have improved sleep and quality of life. SHREVEPORT FLOAT, 714 Azalea Drive. 318-426-1910.
Death Doula - Ellen StetsonA death doula will provide support to the dying person and their loved ones. While they don't provide medical care, death doulas provide many additional important services. This can include emotional, physical, and spiritual support — in addition to much-needed caregiver respite and logistical assistance. Ellen is a friend who feels a calling to help families during their most difficult time, which contains a love beyond measure.