“Women of the World” Photo Shoot

Recently I had the opportunity to do a “Women of the World” photo shot with Britt Elizabeth Photography! Britt is a mother, photographer, entrepreneur, and cheerer-on of women who wanted to tell female stories.

I ELL OH VEE EED this shoot! Not only did I get to take pictures with Ari (in just his diaper and perfect curly hair and perfect face and perfect legs and…you get the idea), but we sipped on champagne (not Ari) and gabbed and confessed and truly shared ourselves on this shoot. We talked about how we minimize ourselves as women to make other people in the room feel comfortable – and how we need to STOP. IT. Afraid of being labeled “too much” or “not good enough” or, God forbid, “a b*tch,” we found that despite our different passions, we all shared the same insecurities. For example, I always labeled myself as too old or too fat or too-far-into-another-career to pursue filmmaking and acting until I realized that I was being my biggest naysayer!

Doing this photo shoot at a solid two hundy pounds also helped me realize that I need to stop “weight”ing for the perfect anything to go after what I want. Would I ever want Ari to feel that way? Would I ever want him to hate his perfect thighs – thighs he got from me? NO!

The more we pursue our rightful places in this world, the more we redefine who gets to do that.

So! “Women of the World” – let’do just that!!! Kloveyoubyeeeeeeeee <3 XOXO, Dr. Jaya Make sure to follow @thebrittelizabeth on IG and Britt Elizabeth Photography on FB! Thank you for this opportunity, Britt! Also thank you to my dear friend Katy Larsen for helping me with styling behind the scenes! I can rarely do anything well without you!

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