The official poster for #SuicideTheMovie has been released!

The official poster for #SuicideTheMovie has been released! This is my second film with #CrossroadCreatives and director Anil Bajaj. We went to a dark and taboo place that needs a light shone on it. It’s difficult for me to even type or say the word because it produces such a visceral reaction. The craziest part was that when we did cast and crew interviews for the promotional campaign, we learned that only two members out of everyone DIDN’T have a direct experience with a suicide or suicide attempt (whether by a close friend or themselves). To me, that just proves that this film needs to be made, and my hat is off to my friend and director for being so transparent in his approach to it.

This short is a teaser for a full-length feature and will be entered in the Louisiana Film prize this year!

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