It’s time for another #monYAY Q&A with Dr. J!

It’s time for another #monYAY Q&A with Dr. J! Every other Monday – ASK ME ANYTHING! I’ll answer them live on my Facebook page!

As always, thanks for sending in your questions!

00:23 Ross Geller teeth

01:20 Who does your eyebrows?

02:33 What inspired you to go to medical school?

03:25 Do vitamins work?

04:40 What did Ari do to his noggin, and how do you look so gorge? (Pfft)

05:25 Dad does not like cleave

05:55 Is it safe to delay the second dose of the COVID vaccine by a few days?

07:12 At what point should a person see an internist versus a family doctor?

09:08 Can vaccinated people hang out with each other? Does it pose an extra risk to unvaccinated people in their household?

10:50 no orgies

11:50 Have you found better, healthier snacks for work?

13:05 Can Tecentriq affect the brain and cause confusion?

14:25 WHAT is your mom’s samosa recipe?!

15:00 What are your thoughts on the mental health system in Louisiana? What services does your hospital provide in terms of urgent psychiatric help?

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The views and opinions expressed in these TRES INFORMAL question sessions are not to be substituted for the medical judgment of your personal provider.

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