Introducing #monYAY #qNawithDoctaJ!

Introducing #monYAY #qNawithDoctaJ! (Ok, does that hashtag work? I feel like it’s visually displeasing and all because an ampersand would break up the hashtag.) Ahem. ANYway – every other Monday, I’ll go LIVE to answer questions you’ve sent in! ASK ME ANYTHING – it does NOT have to be COVID-related! The next one is March 1!

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It’s #monYAY Q&A with Dr. J! Every other Monday, ASK ME ANYTHING! Let’s get to know each other better! @00:41 pro tip for a healthyish snack

@01:20 What happened to Ari’s forehead?

@02:25 How do you balance it all being a mom, doctor, and badass?

@03:15 How did you address your depression?

@05:24 Can you let people know that “COVID vaccine arm” is normal?

@07:00 Are there any studies on COVID vaccine and breastmilk?

@08:15 What about autoimmune diseases and the COVID vaccine?

@09:45 What about COVID vaccines and children?

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