Dr. Jaya Addresses Nursing Staff COVID Concerns

Dr. Jaya McSharma answers your questions and concerns on the COVID-19 Vaccine:

Who is Dr. Jaya McSharma?

Watch this video as Dr. Jaya answers the following questions:

  • What is the reason for getting the COVID Vaccine? @ 0:03

  • This vaccine is too new and was rushed. Why should we trust it? @ 0:33

  • What is an mRNA? Was it developed using an embryo? @ 3:08

  • Does taking an mRNA affect your DNA? @ 4:26

  • As a young woman, I am concerned taking this might cause infertility, lead to miscarriages or cause birth defects. @ 5:16

  • What are the common side effects of taking this vaccine? @ 8:50

  • Have you seen the video of the nurse who developed bells palsy after taking the vaccine? Will taking this vaccine have that effect on me? @ 11:43

  • I’m concerned that this vaccine contains bioluminescence and the government can track me. @ 13:08

  • What if I have Lupus or MS? @ 10:58

  • I choose not to take the vaccine which is my personal choice. @ 13:44

  • What is the process of taking the Moderna Vaccine. How is the vaccine administered?
    @ 19:01

  • When can we remove our masks? @ 15:34

  • Why should we take the vaccine at The Glen, rather than waiting? @ 16:49

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