12 Days of McChristmas: Here Are a Few of Jaya’s Favorite Things

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 Idk if it’s because I’ve had LOTS OF COFFEE staying up last night to get this together for y’all in time, or BECAUSE IT’S THANKSGIVING SLASH CHRISTMAS, or because this crazy train of a year is almost over, or because I’ve had LOTS OF COFFEE (did I mensh?!), but I AM SO SO EXCITED FOR OUR INAUGURAL #12DaysofMcChristmas event!

 To kick things off, I am straight up ripping off my idol Oprah and putting together #JayasFavoriteThings in this blog post!

Below, find treasures and treats and jewels and artwork that would make THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT for someone you love. BONUS POINTS: All of these businesses are local, and you are helping support small businesses in a year that has been difficult for any entrepreneur.

 DOUBLE BONUS: These finds are amazing.

 TRIPLE BONUS: They come with discount codes!

 QUADRUPLE BONUS: Okay I feel like we should just get to the list now

 In the eternal words of *NSYNC, Here we gooooooo……


 1. Custom Pet Ornament by Sawdust & Sihouettes


I love this custom pet ornament from Sawdust & Silhouettes. I’m gonna need one for Rose, Neo, AND Wally…..and maybe Ari? I mean they are all my children? Only $15!

 Why we love this business: Jennifer Veal, the shop’s owner, is a frontline healthcare worker and critical care nurse who takes care of COVID patients during the day, her family at night, and makes custom creative designs in her spare time because it’s her passion. She says, “I try to make one of a kind items that can’t be replicated in big box stores.” We also love her gorgeous custom tumblers, blankets, and coffee mugs!

 HOT TIP: Use code DOCTORJAYA for 10% off. Order ASAP. Tumblers and custom woodwork take approximately 2-3 weeks. Shirts and blankets take 1 week. Order through the FB page

2. Confetti Chocolate Chip Cookies by Port Gateau


These majorly addictive flavorspolosion cookies from Port Gateau. The shop owner, Virginia, calls them “Confetti Chocolate Chip” but I have had them, and I know better! 

$20 for a dozen. Honestly, get two, because one dozen will never make it to your intended giftee!

Why we love this business owner: She’s a cat lover, DUH! But she also hand selects and quality checks every ingredient and says stuff like this: I hope that people can tell when they receive and indulge in their creations, it was crafted with love and heart.” Dawwwwwwwww!

HOT TIP: Use code DOCTORJAYA for 15% off. Order through her Facebook page. Deadline December 20th for Christmas delivery!

3. RBG Wreath by Chad Hauser


This amazeballs RBG wreath by Chad Hauser.

“I love the little Highland-based cottage industry that Megan and I have created. Highland residents specifically and Shreveporters, in general, want to support and buy local!”

Why we love Chad: Chad is one of those can-do guys that gets called upon whenever his community needs something fashioned. This wreath started as a passion project when he learned of the Supreme Court justice’s passing and ended up being sold “45 minutes after Megan hung it on our front door.” It now belongs in homes from Shreveport to San Francisco to Manhattan and all over America. We stan.

Hot tip: Use code DOCTORJAYA for 12% off. (Normally $125, now $110 with discount). Prepare to have a piece you will love for a long time. Order by e-mailing chad.hauser@gmail.com; order by 12/18 to guarantee Christmas delivery. 

BONUS: Paint a space with black chalkboard paint and have an RBG wall you can write messages on!

4. “Just A Beignet Girl” earrings from IDJV Art


These “Just A Beignet Girl” earrings from IDJV Art!

Honestly, could these BE any more perfect? (Chandler Bing voice – obvs.) At just $30, they are a one-of-a-kind statement piece that is both flattering and a conversation starter!

Why we love Isabelle: She’s a Filipino-American woman, mixed media artist, and philanthropist. Her “VOTE” earrings are not only stylish but benefited the Global Fund for Women. PLUS where else can you get SUPES CUTE aliens, beignets, Christmas ornaments, and crawfish to adorn your naked lobes? I am obsessed with her. Full stop. I want all the things. Ok, now full stop.

HOT TIP: Use code DOCTORJAYA for 15% off ALL ORDERS! Click here to visit her website.

5. Louisiana License Plate Mugs from Red Star Pottery


These seriously fabulous Louisiana License plate mugs from Red Star Pottery! Christine & Curtis Bias are both educators who fire up the kiln in their spare time. They are making a limited run of these for Christmas – only 20! – and pricing them at a steal for $52. 

Why we love the Biases: You won’t find better people in Dreamport. They barely make a profit off of their beautiful pieces, which would go easily for four times the price in any metropolitan area. They’ll give a stranger the shirts off their backs. I should know – they’ve done it for me! 

Hot Tip: ORDER NOW! Use code DOCTORJAYA to get 15% ($45/mug). If you miss out on the mugs, check out the rest of their inventory which is equally as unique and fab! Order by December 20th to ensure Christmas delivery.

6. Products by Southern Loop Nutrition


The gift of health wrapped in the flavor of a snickers bar. No, really. While we’ve all been living that pandemic life, Brandi & ShoMichael Stephens opened up Southern Loop Nutrition to help us all get rid of the COVID-19. 

Why we love them: This husband and wife team are trained medical providers; Brandi is a family medicine nurse practitioner, and Shomichael is a pharmacist (I have worked with him, and he’s BRILL.)  I’ve always been hesitant to try Herbalife, but knowing that they are trained in the biochemistry behind it lets me know I’m in good hands.

Hot tip: Customize a gift basket for your loved one! Use code DOCTORJAYA to get 10% off all online product orders when used at checkout and $2 off in-store when mentioned to the cashier. 

7. Platinum Print from Shannon Palmer Photography


A platinum print from Shannon Palmer photography. Hang with me because this is crazy cool. Shannon uses alternative process darkroom photography from the 1800s and early 1900s that use PRECIOUS METALS rather than ink for the image on the page – so it will last for HUNDREDS OF YEARS (and also looks really cool). She can do commission photos OR do it with any photo listed on her IG page.

Why we love her: Did you read what we just wrote above? Hello? #timeless In addition to her talent, Shannon’s Louisiana-sized heart was behind her photo project “Queering the South,” in which she said: “…I seek to capture both the vulnerability and intimacy of being queer in the Deep South, and to remind the beautiful people who sit in front of my camera that they deserve dignity and respect.” TEARS. JOY.

Hot tip: Use code DOCTORJAYA for 15% off ALL PRINTS through Christmas. Generous much?!

8. Literally anything by Rebecca Prosino

You’ll love anything by Rebecca Prosino. I will bet you my *NSYNC collection that her still life paintings could rival that of any current master in a museum. This “Pumpkin Polka” in particular has my heart, so I have no idea why I’m telling you about it. Rebecca used to live in #Dreamport but has currently relocated to Italy and continues to paint there.

Why we love her: She’s the MacGyver of artists. I have personally witnessed her take a cigar box and turn it into a living diorama of forests, dreams, and real life action scenes. She’s a level of living artisanship that I can’t believe I get to witness.

Hot tip: Use this link to get 15% off ANY FRAMED GOUACHE PAINTING! Order by December 15th to ensure arrival from Italy! https://www.etsy.com/shop/StudioProsino?coupon=DOCTORJAYA 

Bonus tip: Ask for a lavender packet that goes in your lingerie drawer. Trust me.

9. Gratitude Gummy Bear Rings by Ktea Callahan


One of these gratitude gummy bear rings for $44.44. They’re honestly so adorably cute I could puke rainbows. Each color gummy bear ring comes with its own intention, mini-gratitude journal, stickers, and affirmation. Even the price is cute. Get outta here!

Why we love her: Each piece by Ktea Callahan is handmade (with love!) in Austin, who is also a musician, tarot card reader, and gratitude-influencer. I believe the science and spirituality behind daily gratitude is such a life necessity to growth, happiness, and self-care – “All of these skills have been so vital for my own growth, so I want to share them with the world!” 

Hot tip: Use code DOCTOR JAYA at her online shop for 15% off everything through Christmas! And also, follow her on IG @Kteacallahan. She does Tarot card readings every week!

10. “Christmas Party” earrings from Laro Art


These “Christmas Party” earrings for $25 from Laro Art. I have them, and I’m obsessed. She also has a “birthday party” version that are every Jem-obsessed-girl’s dream (if you don’t get that reference, I have a VHS tape you can borrow). SO FUN AND GLITTERY AND HAPPY AND CUTE!

Why we love Kelly: Kelly is a FULL-TIME dermatology PA who needed a creative outlet and wanted to make things that make people happy. MISSION ACCOMP’D! She also helps plan races throughout the year that benefit the community. Ugh. Love her 3000.

Hot tip: Use code DOCTORJAYA at checkout to get 10% off all orders. Order by December 11th to guarantee Christmas delivery! 

11. Hot Chocolate Bomb Ornaments from Sweet Creations by Lena


One of these hot chocolate bomb ornaments from Sweet Creations by Lena. I’m writing this at 10 pm at night and wishing that teleportation was a thing because she has so many amazing treats in her shop that are beautiful and SCRUMPT-DILLY-UMPTIOUS! (official spelling). I love the idea of gifting a hot choco-bomb ornament and then filling it with wishes for 2021. That way when your friend decorates next year, they can open and read it! No like srsly how friggin cute is that idea?

Why we love Lena: The only thing sweeter than Lena are her chocolate-dipped oreos! She says, “Seeing the joy my creations bring my customers is the reason I do what I do.” Also, her husband is the king of TikTok as far as I’m concerned! 

Hot tip: Use code DOCTORJAYA to save 15% on all orders over $20, but only through December 20th. Order by then to guarantee Christmas delivery! 

12. Lavender Mask Spray from Ben’s Body Basics


This lavender mask spray for $7.99 or this orange + eucalyptus disinfecting spray for $12.99 from Ben’s Body Basics would honestly make the most loving, effective, and aromatically pleasing stocking stuffers EVER. Using mask spray several times a day has helped with my #maskne, and Ben has taken special care to modify the alcohol content so that it’s effective against viruses. Be gone, ‘Rona!

Why we love Ben: Hello, he came up with MASK SPRAY! Ben is all about natural ingredients and amazing skin care. When you message his company on the website, it is actually him personally handling your every question and need. Plus, this black-owned business was a finalist in the Louisiana Startup Prize and is one of the most popular vendors at every market he goes to!

Hot tip: Use code DOCTORJAYA for 15% off ALL ONLINE ORDERS! 

Bonus tip: Get the hand sanitizer or your favorite products on auto-ship and never run out! 

13. Print from Ben Moss Entitled, “The Gods Are Pleased With Your Offering”


This print from Ben Moss entitled, “The Gods Are Pleased With Your Offering.” Where else are you going to get original art with Frida Kahlo holding a hot dog? Hasn’t your BFF’s home been lacking in an astute commentary on the intersection of capitalism and art? This one’s a no-brainer, people!

Why we also love this Ben: Just check out all his prints. He’s one of a kind! Ben – or “Ploid Art” – is a true renaissance artist, utilizing mediums from huge downtown murals to spray cans to prints to canvases to t-shirts. Visit his threadless store to cross off “dude that loves awesome t-shirts” from your list!

Hot tip: Use code UT10TB for 15% off on any order over $20! Good from 11/26 to 12/26 for his print store.

 (It’s not DOCTORJAYA but I told you Ben is one of a kind!) 

14. Funky Gorg Zippered Bags from Paige Powell Design


One of these funky gorg zippered bags from Paige Powell Design! I actually got a matching necklace and bag set from Paige at Pride in the Park one year and always feel so fun yet put together when I wear it. Just $20 for small, $30 for medium, and $50 for large.

Why we love Paige: Her mixed media art and incarnations of Shreveport landmarks are like ecstasy for the eyes. They make your brain happy. PLUS she does custom portraits of pets, loved ones, and locations that are sure to bring smiles bigger than Santa’s belly.

Hot tip: Use code DOCTORJAYA through Christmas to get 10% off anything! (What!) Place orders by December 16th to ensure Christmas delivery. Buy in-store at C&C Mercantile or online by contacting Paige through pixelpaige.com!

15. Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Bouquet from Hello Sweetie Treats


This chocolate-dipped strawberry bouquet from Hello Sweetie treats for only $25! The shop owner, Brooke Dubroc, is also the queen of Oreo cake balls and THEMED CHOCOLATE BOXES: Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, DOCTOR WHO – you name it. Oh my god I’m so hungry and also want to watch all the movies immed.

Why we love Brooke: PFFT, let me count the ways! Um, the business name based on a Doctor Who reference? Check. Did we meet at Geek Fair long ago? No doiky. Chocolate Millenium Falcon? Yuh huh. Husband who helped build A LIFE SIZED TARDIS THAT I GOT TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH? CHECK! Need I go on?

Hot tip: Use code DOCTOR JAYA for 10% off all orders! Order by December 12th to guarantee Christmas delivery!

16. Children’s Book Written by Pediatrician Dr. Gretchen Petterway


This self-esteem building children’s book written by award-winning pediatrician Dr. Gretchen Petterway. Dr. Petterway wrote “I Am Cool” inspired by her own two sons and her deep desire for them to understand that what makes them different is their superpower.

Why we love Dr. P: She has been super transparent about her own struggles to believe in herself after a childhood in which she was told she “couldn’t.” She not only overcame stereotypes forced upon her for being black and female, but she has gone on to have a thriving practice and a degree from Harvard. We went to medical school together, and I heart her forever. Also, she takes care of the world’s most amazing child. <3 

Hot tip: Buy two – one for your child and one for your BFF.  Priced at just $11.99, you don’t need a discount! Visit her website here.

17. At-Home Facial Kits by Dermatologist Renee Moran

One of these at-home facial kits by dermatologist Renee Moran. I am OBSESSED. I did them with my sister and mom and it was girl bonding time with a seriously medical grade-level facial at home. Priced at just $25 a pop, there is honestly enough product for two people or uses in each kit, and your skin will feel AMAZING.

Why we love Dr. Moran: I’m all about supporting my fellow #ladydocs, and Dr. Renee is no different. I met her through my online female physician group, and even though we had only spoken once and she’s based in California, when I asked if she wanted to give a discount to my friends in Louisiana she said, “Sure!” without hesitation. She took her passion for great skin and concern for us in the pandemic and came up with this solution. Brill.

Hot tip: Use code DOCTORJAYA at checkout for 20% off. THAT MAKES THIS FACIAL WORTH $100+ only twenty. Dollars. U R DUMMY IF U DON’T TAKE ADVAN. Send one to your long distance bestie and catch up with your facials over zoom. Win-win!

18. Badass RBG Tattoo by Micah Harold


This badass RBG tattoo by Micah Harold. Micah is so in-demand and accomplished that he normally has a $100 minimum for his tattoos, but he’s offering a special on this second perfect gift for the RBG-lover in your life. 

Why we love Micah: He made up his own musical genre, was voted one of the nicest places in America by Reader’s Digest, and turned his tattoo shop into a hub for medical supplies when he couldn’t operate as a business during the pandemic lockdown. All this after he suffered a widowmaker heart attack AND got robbed. Yeah. Have you met Micah?!

Hot tip: Mention code DOCTORJAYA and get 20% off to bring the tat down to $80. Gift cards available! Visit: https://www.facebook.com/RedHandedTattoo/

19. Cozy Mug With Peppermint Socks From Chemistry Hair Salon


This cozy mug full of fuzzy peppermint-colored socks & Christmas cheer from Chemistry Hair Salon. 

YES! Chemistry is both a world-class hair salon AND a cute, curated boutique! 

Why we love Chemistry: Founder Bryan Sullivan was just a lil’ ol’ boy from Minden who has now traveled the world and learned from the best before opening his own salon, where his associates can level up to become co-owners. Apart from being a civil and human rights activist, his salon has also been ON TOP OF PANDEMIC PRECAUTIONS from day one, making it a safe place to get your glow-up on…in! 

Hot tip: Use code DOCTORJAYA for 10% off ANY BOUTIQUE PRODUCTS THROUGH CHRISTMAS! Mugs, scarves, jewelry oh my! Stop by Chemistry Hair salon anytime to pick up the perfect gift for friends or family before Christmas!


“That’s it! (Maybe?) OK LMK WYT! What’s your favorite find? What are you getting me? I mean, what are you getting? Tell me! I’m so stoked! (Will Ferrell voice) SANTAAAAAA!”


Dr. Jaya

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