New Podcast Interview!

A funny thing happened on the way to Alexandria!

Ok, not really, I just wanted a catchy intro, but a VERY COOL thing happened while we were in Alexandria for the hometown premiere of #BrownBridgetMD! Leslie Borque, an activist and podcast host of “Put A Borque In It,” had been trying to coordinate schedules for some time, and we finally made our rendezvous happen while in Alex! She kindly drove to DK & Vibha’s house in Alexandria and interviewed me for her podcast series.

If you listen to her first two podcasts, you’ll learn that Leslie is originally from Lafayette and moved back three years ago with her husband, actor Dylan Walsh, who is currently filming in Prague. You probably know him from “Nip/Tuck,” which I have yet to watch/binge! Once she moved to Lafayette, and post the 2016 election (insert emoji here of the face you think I’m making), she found herself involved in politics and trying to effect real, positive change. (A cause near and dear to my own bleeding heart. <3)

I’m honored to be her third published podcast and recommend you check her out! We had a great time during the interview, and I also learned that I say “right” and “yeah” a gajillion times when speaking with someone (noted for my next recorded interview, geez Louise Mcsharma.) She also has upcoming podcasts with guests talking about immigration and prison reform – hellurr! She’s like that Tom Pretty song, “Won’t Back Down,” which is one of the highest compliments I can pay a person.

Link below to the interview! Enjoy! Thankyou Leslie for having me! OMG YES LET’S BE FRIENDS

Listen here!

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