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Tour De Bossier with Pierre Bossier

SO OMG! I got to be a part of this fantastic 5-part webseries called Tour du Bossier with Pierre Bossier! In it, I play a filmmaker who has apparently successfully googled time travel and brought 1864 Pierre Bossier forward in time!


All Y’all Live Storytelling & Podcast

Just a small brown girl…trying to marry a loooonely white dude! Jk he wasn’t lonely. But this IS the story of how I came out of the #whiteboycloset, bucking generations of cultural tradition in the meantime! WOOF COOKIE!


Str8Up Show Podcast

S2 EP3- COVID-19 IMPACT: The COVID 15 (Physical Health) I share my knowledge on COVID-19 and why staying as physically & mentally fit could help combat the virus.

Str8 up podcast voting.png

Str8Up Show Podcast: Voting Lives Matter

I was a repeat guest on the Str8up podcast talking about voting! I talk about on why this election will be historic no matter the outcome.



Since 2016, I’ve written for and contributed to popular online magazine Heliopolis: Shreveport News & Culture, which is a grassroots organization dedicated to arts, culture, and civic engagement in Shreveport.


Film Prize Interview

Our filmmaker interview with Jess Rose at the 2018 Louisiana Film Prize!


Takeover TV

Takeover TV focuses on highlighting local urban artist, actors, athletes and cultural figures. I sat down with them to discuss our short film, webseries, and future plans!



My interview with Gregory Kallenberg – talking about how to stay creative during COVID lockdown!