Hi! I’m Dr. Jaya McSharma. I’m a writer, content creator, & actress in Shreveport, La.


I have loved acting and writing as long as I have been able to understand purpose and passion. It’s what sets my soul ablaze. My husband and I formed #McSharma Productions and had our first-ever short film, #BrownBridgetMD, selected as a top 20 finalist of the Louisiana Film Prize in 2018. I also won Best Actress at the festival! Currently, we are in pre-production to take our short film and turn it into a TV or streaming series. Excitingggggg! (We’ll keep you updated on our progress in our news section). 

We also create content ranging from webseries to comedic skits to articles and civic calls to action. On this website, you can find links to articles I’ve written, webseries (both comedy and interview style) we have created, and more! Though these are all important to me, comedic storytelling – with heart! –  is where I feel the strongest calling.

I was born and raised in Alexandria, Louisiana, and have lived in Shreveport since attending medical school here. I currently live in #Dreamport with my husband, the three best cats in the world: Rose, Neo, and Wally, and my beautiful baby boy Ari. 

I still work as an MD but as of 2018 am FULL TIME following my dreams — dreams I once thought were too late to pursue. Turns out that’s crazy talk – for me and for everyone.  I’m excited you’ve decided to check out my website and hope you enjoy what we’ve created. Feel free to get in touch – I’d love to hear from you!

I really am a doctor, but I’d rather play one on TV! #savethepatients
— Me, just now

Go on! Roam around and enjoy the website! We’ll be updating regularly. On the subject of shaking off the limitations placed on us by society, ourselves, and even those who love us, and going balls-to-the-wall after your dreams, I’d like to quote the great philosopher Elle Woods out of context:

“I don’t need a backup plan. I’m going to [follow my dreams]. What, like it’s hard?”


Much love,


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