17 ways I self-preserved after June 24

The last few weeks have been a complete shite show. Here’s how I took care of myself and my mental health.

1. I imagined punching Donald Trump in the face. This is not healthy or mature. But for a moment, it felt like smashing the patriarchy a little.

2. I ordered a celebration pizza from Pop-n-Pizza. MY WORD.

3. I took Snapchat videos with my 2-year-old. 

4. I marveled in the moment a hot air balloon flew directly over our house! Getting outside really does wonders to help convince your brain the world isn’t completely on fire.


5. I colored. Yeah I know I’m good. 😛


6. I hid under the covers. More than once!

7. I hung out with my cats. GOD I LOVE CATS! 


8. I saved memes about how stupid this decision was from doctors’ perspectives and shared the crap out of them. ARGH RAGE!


9. I watched Suda the Painting Elephant on YouTube with Ari. Toddler not required.

10. I saved ON THE MONEY memes and made them my cover photo. HERE I AM FACEBOOK TELL ME I’M WRONG!

11. I shopped online for makeup. Buy or no?

12. I saved funny memes that made me actually LOL.

13. I tried to be in the moment with my child and fam as much as possible. This is us after running through the neighbors’ sprinklers. STILL FUN AT 41! 


14. I ate Pop-Tarts. Not this burnt one tho.

15. I focused on things that fill and fuel me. Like MAKING MY SHORT FILM YAY! 


16. I wrote down all the amazingness in my life. GRATITUDE IS NEVER NOT APPLICABLE!

17. I started Zoloft after a discussion with my amazing physician, Dr. Clint Wilson. It had been a few months coming.

Choose one, none, or all of these helpful tidbits! I will join the fight for a better, fairer tomorrow ASAP but we have to put on our own oxygen masks before we can save the world!

Most importantly, as the wise Face of Boe said so poetically, Y A N A

(You are not alone!)


Dr. Jaya