Jaya’s First Hollywood Premiere!!!!

My first Hollywood premiere was a total dream! “Days of Daisy,” in which I play Dr. Bridget Upadhya, premiered at the famous TCL Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard in LA – yes, the one with all the famous handprints out front, including THE AVENGERS! Ell oh ell.

It was SOOOOO FUN! One of those moments I’ve always dreamed of – attending a Hollywood red carpet premiere of a movie I’m actually IN! GET OUTTA TOWN! Now the Dances with Films festival we were at actually had a green carpet, but details shmetails.

We stayed with our friends Blayne and Cherish, which made the whole trip MUCH more affordable, and got to celebrate with them as well! Blayne Weaver is a movie star in his own right with like 10,000 films underneath his belt including “Cut to the Chase,” which premiered right here at the Strand in Shreveport!

I had my hair done at Dry Bar by the amazing Azi of Ireland and then we headed to the red carpet after some sightseeing and cheesy touristing. (See pictures below). I even took a picture in front of The Oppenheim Group where they film “Selling Sunset”!

At the premiere, we met up with director Alexander Jeffery and star Jency Hogan and the rest of the crew for individual and group photos. Then we all headed to the 9:30 p.m. premiere (11:30 our time! Did I take some cat naps during the movie? Signs point to yes) and stayed for the Q&A after! And YES I recorded my scene haha TOO EXCITED.

Many thanks to Alexander and Jency for including me in their film and inviting me to the premiere along with the rest of the cast. The experience did not disappoint and I look forward to MORE Hollywood and feature film premieres in the future, maybe even with my OWN film! (As soon as I finish writing it…apparently that’s an important step.)

From entering my first short film into the Louisiana Film Prize 4 years ago to my first Hollywood feature film premiere – VIVA LA FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS!

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Dr. Jaya